Breathing Media


Co-founders Kyle Jones and Ben Rapson met at University of Washington in 2005, and found they had a shared love of storytelling, drumming, and the Robert Redford movie Sneakers. I mean, c'mon, what an underrated movie.

On the set of Pyroustra

In 2006, they co-founded the theater company Emerald City Scene with a bunch of other UW Drama students and grads. After making promo trailers for ECS's plays for 2 seasons, Kyle and Ben struck out on their own to gain more experience in the Seattle filmmaking community.

After completing their first short film together, the silent dance piece Balance (2009), they were pretty much hooked.

Breathing Media was founded in 2010, while Ben and Kyle balanced full time jobs as well as Breathing Media projects.   Finally in 2011, to deal with the overwhelming project load they took Breathing Media on full time and haven’t looked back since.   

Breathing Media produces a variety of projects, including narrative shorts, promotional videos for businesses and artists, wedding and event videos, concert and standup comedy DVDs, and more.

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